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Johnny Flynn & Robert Macfarlane

Lost In The Cedar Wood

dinked 114 - limited (1000 only)* dark green lp* + bonus 7" with 2 exclusive tracks* + signed, numbered print* + pull-out poster (* exclusive to dinked edition) - £21.99
What do you get when you cross a folk-singer & a nature writer (national treasures, both)? A magnificent ode to this green & pleasant land, that’s...

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Beachcomber’s Windowsill (2023 reissue)

dinked archive 15 - very limited numbered* eco-mix colour lp* in sleeve w/ obi-strip* + a4 lyric book* + print* (500 only) - 1 per customer - £31.99
As soon as those first notes hit, we were catapulted 13 years into the past, to a time of hope, folk, and whimsy - And there are few records from that era that ...
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Rum, Sodomy and the Lash (2015 reissue)

heavyweight lp - £33.99 | Buy
CD - £6.99 | Buy
The Mary Wallopers  

Irish Rock N Roll

limited pink lp - £23.99 | Buy
cd - £12.99 | Buy

dinked 253 - limited pink & black splatter lp* + bonus 7"* in exclusive sleeve* + signed print* - £25.99
on 'irish rock n roll', the wallopers continue to draw on a great tradition of celtic folk with rousing balladry & singalongs, while highlighting th...

Rain Dogs (2023 reissue)

remastered black lp - £32.99 | Buy
remastered cd - £13.99 | Buy
The Moon Also Rises

Signed postcards available


  1. Uncanny Valley
  2. Song with no Name
  3. Burial Blessing
  4. No Matter the Weight
  5. Coins for the Eyes
  6. The Sun also Rises
  7. The Wild Hunt
  8. Through the Misty with You
  9. Year-Long Winter
  10. River Mountain and Love

dinked edition 260


- Galaxy orange-black vinyl *
- Bonus 7” black vinyl *
- Signed & hand-numbered insert*
- Limited pressing of 1500

*EXCLUSIVE to Dinked Edition

Johnny Flynn & Robert Macfarlane

The Moon Also Rises

  • dinked 260 - limited galaxy orange-black lp* + bonus black 7"* + signed & hand numbered insert* - 1 per customer

    Released: 10th Nov 2023

  • limited "moon colour" lp + signed postcard

    Released: 10th Nov 2023

  • cd + signed postcard

    Released: 10th Nov 2023


Following their extraordinary 2021 collaboration, Flynn and MacFarlane have returned to the land for this sumptuous second trip around the maypole.

They walked it. They watched life grow, fade, and die upon it. Synchronised with the titular lunar body, it’s the cyclical nature of, well, nature that blooms at the heart of ‘The Moon Also Rises’. The last Dinked Edition sold out quickly, so you’ll want to be on the case with this one. Straddling light and dark, life and death, the sun and the moon, these dichotomies play out in a field of rapturous folk, ranging from throat-straining ballads to thigh-slapping hoe-downs, all recorded exquisitely in historical places of worship. 'The Moon Also Rises' gathers songs that Johnny and Robert have written together since finishing their first joint album, 'Lost In The Cedar Wood'. At its heart are the oldest themes of all: death and renewal, darkness and light. The first five tracks are songs of burial, shadows and memory, while the final four are songs of awakening, light and love. The album turns around a central song, ‘The Sun Also Rises’, which stands with a foot in both dark and light.