Privacy Policy - updated 2018

your e-mail address, address details & any other information you share with us remains between us. we won’t use your contact details for anything other than the purpose for which they were provided (mailing list / order status / enquiry) & we most definitely will not pass your details on to a 3rd party as we know how incredibly annoying it is to be plagued by unwanted emails & phonecalls.

although we store your address details when you set up your account or place an order, this is only used for posting your order to you & will not be used for any other reason or shared with any other party.

We store your name, address/es, email & phone number - basically whatever you fill in under the "my account" area of the site. We do also store IP addresses of the computer that was used for each order when it is placed. We do not store anything financial at all. And nothing sensitive - apart your fine taste in music of course!



the first time you visit our site, we will send you a cookie (sadly, not of the chocolate chip variety), which contains your unique user id. it is in fact a small text file on your hard drive which can be read by our website.

don't worry though - it can only be read by our website & won't pose any security risks to you. the next time you enter our site, this cookie is sent back to us so we know who you are. it's all nice & friendly & it means we can remember where you were at, so you can carry on from where you left off last time you were on the site.

the cookie only stores your user id - nothing else & no other personal information - it only has a little brain.

if you do not want us to store a cookie on your computer, cookies can be disabled using your browser settings.