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> If you order a new release for delivery, we always aim to get it to you for the Friday of release but please be aware that this is dependent on the release getting to us in time to turn this around & it's then reliant on the postal service delivering to you swiftly. 

> If you order a new release to collect instore, we will notify you as soon as it's ready to collect.

> Pressing plants are under immense pressure at the moment, so many vinyl releases are being delayed. We try to keep this list up to date but we aren't always told in advance of release date changes

1st march

new releases

catfish & the bottlemen : showtime (limited white 7")

yard act : where's my utopia? (limited indies only yellow lp with sticker set / limited select retailers exclusive maroon lp / black lp / cd)

nils frahm : day (very limited lp)

liam gallagher & john squire : liam gallagher & john squire (limited rsd stores white lp / lp / cd)

master peace : how to make a master peace (limited translucent yellow lp + signed print / cd)

kaiser chiefs : kaiser chiefs' easy eighth album (limited indies only marble colour lp with sticker sheet / lp / cd)

karl bartos : the cabinet of dr. caligari (limited 2lp + dvd + 16pp booklet boxset / limited cd + dvd + 48pp booklet boxset)

pissed jeans : half divorced (limited "loser edition" coke bottle green lp / cd)

another sky : beach day (*signed* limited red lp / *signed* black lp / *signed* cd)

faye webster : underdressed at the symphony (limited "faye blue" lp + *signed* insert / black lp / cd / cassette)

amaro Freitas : y'y (limited black lp + signed print / cd)

sheer mag : playing favorites (limited indies only “wax drip” lp / lp / cd)

Mildlife : chorus (limited black lp / cd)

jj grey & mofro : olustee (limited indies only purple-pink swirl lp / black lp / cd)


Joel gion : in the jingle jangle jungle (signed book + postcard set / book)

comps / reissues

Madonna : celebration (2024 repress) (black 4lp boxset)

METALLICA : Metallica (2024 repress) (limited "Some Blacker Marbled" colour 2lp)

ocean colour scene : days like these – live – 1998-2015 (limited remastered 140g colour 4lp with *signed print*)

Curve : cuckoo (2024 repress) (limited pink & purple marbled lp)

pete wylie & the mighty wah! : teach yself wah! (black 2lp / cd)

8th march

new releases

billie eilish : what was i made for? (limited yellow 7”)

kim Gordon : the collective (limited coke bottle green lp / lp / cd)

the rhythm method : peachy (limited peach lp + resident exclusive *signed print* / cd)

grace petrie : build something better (very limited indies only red / white smoke lp / very limited black lp / cd)

Bleachers : bleachers (limited indies only blue 2lp / limited clear 2lp / cd)

Mining : chimet (very limited numbered 2lp with individually unique artwork (504 only) / cd)

anja huwe : codes (limited oxblood red lp / lp / cd)

ariana grande : eternal sunshine (limited select retailers exclusive red lp with alternate artwork / limited red lp / cd with alternate artwork)

bolis pupul : letter to yu (black lp / cd)


Rupaul : the house of hidden meanings: a memoir (*signed* hardback book)

Iman Kakai-Lazell : Kristin Hersh: Confessions, Lyrics And Nostalgia (very limited hardback book)

kazuo Ishiguro : the summer we crossed europe in the rain: lyrics for stacey kent (limited signed indies edition hardback book)

comps / reissues

dry cleaning : boundary road snacks and drinks + sweet princess ep (2024 reissue) (limited transparent blue lp + *signed print* / black lp / cd / ‘boundary road snacks and drinks' + bonus track cassette)

PIXIES : Live At The BBC (2024 Reissue) (limited black 3lp / 2cd)

Xmal Deutschland : Early Singles 1981-1982 (limited purple lp / black lp / cd / cassette)

Buzzcocks : singles going steady (45th anniversary edition) (limited orange lp)

kylie minogue : body language (20th anniversary edition) (first time on vinyl!) (limited “red blooded” lp)

girls aloud : what will the neighbours say? (deluxe edition) (limited sky blue lp / 3cd)

clap your hands say yeah : clap your hands say yeah (2024 repress) (limited white lp)

15th march

new releases

the black crowes : happiness bastards (limited indies only clear lp / black lp / indies only “vinyl look” cd / cd)

four tet : three (lp / cd)

the lovely eggs : my mood wave (limited clear aquamarine 7")

kacey musgraves : deeper well (limited select retailers exclusive clear "spilled milk" splatter lp / limited clear cream lp / cd)

the dandy warhols : rockmaker (limited sea glass blue lp / cd)

tom mcrae : etrange hiver (lp / cd)

miranda joan : overstimulated (super limited indies only red lp)

comps / reissues

Muna : saves the world (2024 repress) (very limited raspberry colour lp)

Tim's Listening Party : Various Artists (compiled by Tim Burgess) (very limited indies only translucent green 2lp + *signed print* / 4cd)

Mø : no mythologies to follow (10th anniversary edition) (limited translucent red 2lp + a3 art poster)

Noah Kahan : Cape Elizabeth (2024 Repress) (limited "aqua" 12" ep)

the damned : shadowed tales from mulhouse (limited "haze" colour 2lp)

Juniore : un peu d’histoire (12”)

Juniore : marabout (2024 repress) (12”)

marissa nadler & happy rhodes : where do i go (limited clear 7" / black 7”)

Thundercat : apocalypse (ten year anniversary edition) (limited translucent red lp in deluxe rainbow holographic sleeve, housed in x-ray holographic slipcase)

22nd march

new releases

the staves : all now (dinked edition 272 - limited *signed* "tangerine dream" orange / pink splatter lp in hand-numbered alternative design oversleeve / lp / cd / orange cassette)

francis of delirium : lighthouse (dinked edition 271 - very limited numbered olive green & white swirl lp in alternative art sleeve + *signed* postcard + bonus cd with unique artwork / black lp / cd)

Elbow : audio vertigo (limited select retailers exclusive clear blue lp with alternate artwork / lp / cd)

Adrianne Lenker : Bright Future (limited recycled lp / lp / cd)

van Houten : the tallest room (dinked edition 277 - very limited baby blue lp + bonus 7" + balloon + obi-strip / lp / cd)

the jesus and mary chain : glasgow eyes (limited deluxe 45rpm frosted clear 2lp / limited clear red lp / cd)

the 1975 : at their very best - live from madison square garden (limited orange 2lp (2nd Batch))

Warpaint : common blue / underneath (limited clear blue 7")

julia holter : something in the room she moves (limited transparent red 2lp + *signed print* / black 2lp / cd)

andre 3000 : new blue sun (super limited 3lp)

fat dog : all the same (limited 7”)

the k's : i wonder if the world knows? (limited rsd stores exclusive orange spinner lp / lp / cd)

sam evian : plunge (extremely limited indies only "clearwater blue" lp + *signed print* / lp / cd)

Waxahatchee : tigers blood (very limited indies only "crowbar colour" lp / LP / CD)

Shakira : las mujeres ya no lloran (super limited retail exclusive "ruby edition" 2lp with exclusive cover art / super limited "diamond edition" 2lp with exclusive cover art / cd)

lauran Hibberd : girlfriend material (limited sky blue lp / limited clear lp / cd)

good morning : good morning seven (limited blue 2lp / cd)

Fears : affinity (limited indies only pink lp / black lp)

halo maud : celebrate (limited black lp / cd)


richard Norris : strange things are happening (limited *signed* hardback book + cd / hardback book)

comps / reissues

alice in chains : jar of flies (2024 repress) (limited black 12” ep)

the cure : paris (30th anniversary edition) (2lp / cd)

billie marten : feeding seahorses by hand (2024 repress) (limited numbered orange & white marbled lp)

the damned : shadowed tales from mulhouse (super limited white 2lp (first time on vinyl!) (200 only))

wham! : fantastic (2024 reissue) (limited red lp / limited lp)

wham! : make it big (2024 reissue) (limited white lp / limited lp)

29th march

new releases

ed harcourt : el magnifico (dinked edition 273 - limited numbered gold lp in gatefold sleeve + *signed poster* + bonus 7" / black lp / cd)

Ride : interplay (limited blue 2lp / black 2lp / cd)

kula shaker : natural magickv (limited indies only "tie dye" lp)

chastity belt : live laugh love (limited cloudy lp + *signed print* / cd)

ian skelly (the coral) : lotus and the butterfly (limited lp)

Courting : new last name (limited white lp / cd)


tim booth : when i died for the first time (limited signed hardback book)

luke haines : Freaks Out!: Weirdos, Misfits and Deviants – The Rise and Fall of Righteous Rock ’n’ Roll (Limited Signed Hardback book)

daniel de vise : the blues brothers : an epic friendship, the rise of improv, and the making of an american film classic (limited *signed* hardback book)

comps / reissues

Clutch : Transnational Speedway League (First Time On Vinyl!) (limited remastered sea glass blue lp + *signed* & numbered print)

gentle giant : the missing piece (2024 steven wilson remix) (limited green lp / lp / cd + blu-ray / cd)

Chapterhouse : whirlpool (2024 repress) (limited numbered 180g audiophile white marbled lp)

Stereolab : switched on volumes 1-5 (limited 8cd boxset)

Stereolab : little pieces of stereolab [a switched on sampler] (limited cd)

Nico : the marble index (2024 reissue) (limited lp / cd)

Nico : desertshore (2024 reissue) (limited lp / cd)

5th april

new releases

Khruangbin : a la sala (limited uk indies only gold lp / limited "soleil" lp / black lp / cd / cassette)

Ganavya : like the sky i've been too quiet (dinked edition 282 - very limited numbered clear 2lp with obi strip + poster / black 2lp)

the feeling : san vito (*signed* limited indies only curacao blue lp / *signed* lp / *signed* cd)

jane weaver : love in constant spectacle (limited indies only black lp in deluxe reverse die-cut sleeve with gold foil / black lp in reverse die-cut sleeve / cd)

the black keys : ohio players (limited select retailers exclusive transparent red lp / lp / cd)

dana gavanski : late slap (*signed* limited red lp / *signed* black lp / *signed* cd)

alice Russell : i am (*signed* limited marble colour lp / *signed* black lp / *signed* cd / *signed* recycled purple cassette)

Phosphorescent : revelator (limited indies only “black ice” lp / lp / cd)

pye corner audio : the endless echo (lp / cd)

the libertines : all quiet on the eastern esplanade (limited clear lp / lp / cd)

vampire weekend : only god was above us (limited retail exclusive 2lp with alternate artwork / 2lp / cd)

Feeder : black / red (limited indies only picture disc 2lp / limited red & black 2lp / 2cd)

bob vylan : humble as the sun (limited indies only heavyweight blue & white marble lp / lp / cd)

Drahla : angeltape (limited "obsidian colour" lp + *signed print* / cd)

einsturzende neubauten : rampen (apm: alien pop music) (limited numbered 180g yellow 2lp + poster + 5 photo cards / black 2lp / 2cd)

the stanford family band : for your listening pleasure (very limited *signed* red 12” ep)



Palace : ultrasound (limited red lp / black lp / cd)

caleb landry jones : hey gary, hey dawn (limited jade eco-mix lp / cd)

comps / reissues

Cranes : fuse (2024 reissue) (dinked archive 18 - very limited remastered neon pink lp with hand numbered obi strip + *signed* art print / very limited remastered black lp / limited remastered cd)

12th april

new releases

Lynks : abomination (limited black lp + *resident exclusive* signed print variant / cd)

english teacher : this could be texas (limited select retailers exclusive 140g green lp / lp / cd)

James : yummy (limited red marble lp / black lp / deluxe 2cd / cd)

Melts : field theory (very limited deluxe hand numbered clear with yellow / green / blue splatter lp + a2 poster / limited clear green lp / cd)

Bodega : our brand could be yr life (dinked edition 275 - very limited gold nugget lp + bodega dollar insert + 'bonus track' download / limited silver lp / + cd with exclusive art booklet)

the reds, pinks and purples : unwishing well (limited white lp / cd)

Metz : up on gravity hill (limited "loser edition" yellow lp / cd)

nia archives : silence is loud (limited select retailers exclusive blue lp / lp / cd)

Junior Marvin : Happy Family (limited first pressing red, gold & green lp)


simon Reynolds : futuromania: electronic dreams, desiring machines and tomorrow’s music today (very limited signed hardback book + 12,000 word fanzine)

comps / reissues

Manic Street Preachers : Lifeblood (20th Anniversary Edition) (limited retail exclusive remastered clear "blood red" 2lp / remastered 2lp / remastered 3cd bookset with bonus tracks / remastered cd with 2 bonus tracks)

the wedding present : watusi (30th anniversary edition) (limited green & orange 2lp + cd)

19th april

new releases

pillow queens : Name Your Sorrow (dinked edition 278 - very limited candyfloss colour lp in gatefold sleeve with alternate artwork + *signed print* / limited sea blue lp / cd)

Bdrmm : standard tuning (limited 10")

pearl jam : dark matter (lp / deluxe cd + HD Audio & Dolby Atmos Immersive Mix blu-ray / cd)

lucy rose : this ain't the way you go out (dinked edition 276 - limited signed & numbered white, blue & purple starburst lp in alternate artwork oversleeve / lp / cd)

a certain ratio : it all comes down to this (limited neon pink bio-vinyl lp with alternative artwork / bio-vinyl lp / cd)

comps / reissues

ORBITAL : Orbital (2024 Reissue) (limited green & red 2lp / black 2lp / 2cd / 4lp + hardback book + slipmat boxset / 4cd + book boxset)

flowered up : a life with brian (2024 reissue) (limited orange & purple 2lp / 2lp / 2cd)

pink Floyd : the dark side of the moon - 50th anniversary (limited remastered 180g crystal clear 2lp with “prism spectrum” uv artwork in slip cased gatefold sleeve + poster)

26th april

new releases

peter gabriel : i/o (foil-blocked clamshell boxset: 4lp + 56pp casebound book with 2cd + blu-ray + obi band)

fat white family : Forgiveness Is Yours (limited indies only clear lp / black lp / cd)

pet shop boys : nonetheless (limited select retailers exclusive grey lp / black lp / deluxe 2cd / cd)

Justice : hyperdrama (limited crystal 2lp / black 2lp / cd)

Iron & Wine : Light Verse (limited "loser edition" clear yellow lp / cd)

kathryn williams & withered hand : willson williams (limited indies only clear yellow lp / black lp / cd)

the Zutons : the big decider (limited neon violet lp / lp / deluxe cd / cd)

loren kramar : glovemaker (limited red lp / lp / cd)

comps / reissues

Devo : art devo (2024 repress) (very limited select retailers exclusive "booji wooji colour" 3lp / limited indies only "rubber gloves colour" 3lp)

Portishead : roseland nyc live (25th anniversary edition) (super limited remastered red 2lp / super limited remastered cd)

3rd May

new releases

fontaines dc x massive attack x young fathers : ceasefire (limited randomly allocated colour 12" ep in randomly allocated colour sleeve)

jessica pratt : here in the pitch (dinked edition 280 - limited oxblood red lp in numbered sleeve + *signed* art print / limited indies only brown lp / lp / cd)

camera obscura : look to the east, look to the west (limited indies only baby blue & white galaxy lp / lp / cd)

michael head & the red elastic band : loophole (dinked edition 279 - limited duck egg green lp + clear purple 7" with 2 exclusive bonus tracks + *signed* print / limited light blue lp / lp / cd)

ibibio sound machine : pull the rope (very limited indies only black / blue / red lp + *signed* print / black lp / cd)

frank turner : undefeated (limited select retailers exclusive purple lp / black lp / deluxe 2cd / cd)

the lemon twigs : a dream is all we know (limited retail exclusive "ice cream colour" lp / cd)

rachel chinouriri : what a devastating turn of events (limited rsd stores 140g red lp / lp / cd)

nubiyan twist : find your flame (limited white lp / cd)

10th May

new releases

kings of leon  : can we please have fun (limited "apple red" lp / lp / cd)

big special : postindustrial hometown blues (limited indies only white lp + *signed* print / black lp / cd)

Arab Strap : I’m totally fine with it, don’t give a fuck anymore (limited indies only “emoji yellow lp” / black lp / cd)

Villagers : that golden time (limited gold lp + *postcard set* / black lp / cd)

angus & julia stone : cape forestier (limited gold lp / cd)

comps / reissues

Incubus : morning view xxiii (limited blue 2lp / 2lp / cd)

pino d'angio : ...balla! (2024 reissue) (limited green / white / red lp)

17th may

new releases

Beth Gibbons : Lives Outgrown (limited select retailers exclusive deluxe black lp + *uk shops exclusive print* + 12pp "scrapbook" / limited deluxe black lp + 12pp "scrapbook" / black lp / deluxe cd in casebound book / cd)

ferocious dog : kleptocracy (limited clear lp / lp / deluxe cd / cd)

sam Morton : cry without end (limited hand stamped 7")



kathleen hanna : rebel girl: my life as a feminist punk (limited *signed* hardback book)

serj tankian : down with the system (limited *signed* hardback book)

eric goulden : a dysfunctional success - the wreckless eric manual (written by the author) (2024 reprint) (limited *signed* 240pp paperback book with new foreword + alternate cover)

24th may

new releases

paul weller : 66 (limited select retailers exclusive blue lp + poster / lp + poster / limited deluxe 2cd with bonus tracks in hardback book / cd)

Diiv : frog in boiling water (limited indies only "spring green" lp / limited white lp / cd)

brian eno, holger czukay, j.peter schwalm : sushi. roti. reibekuchen (limited 2lp / cd)

girl and girl : call a doctor (limited " loser edition" white lp / cd)

comps / reissues

david bowie : diamond dogs (50th anniversary edition) (limited picture disc lp / half-speed mastered lp)

31st may

new releases

richard Hawley : in this city they call you love (limited select retailers exclusive clear blue lp / lp / cd)

bat for lashes : the dream of delphi (limited indies only red lp / lp / cd)

gaffa tape sandy : hold my hand, god damn it (*signed* limited blood red lp / *signed* cd)

7th June

new releases

goat girl : below the waste (dinked edition 281 - limited numbered crystal clear 2lp with bonus 7" + *signed* a3 poster / limited clear red lp / lp /cd)

bored at my grandmas house : show & tell (dinked edition 283 - very limited "brain marble" lp + bonus 7" + *signed* & numbered 12" pull out artwork / limited Cream with mustard splatter lp / cd)

kelley Stoltz : la fleur (very limited "strawberry cornetto" lp / lp / cd)

the mysterines : afraid of tomorrows (limited “coke bottle” clear lp / lp / cd)

14th June

new releases

Kneecap : fine art (limited green, white & orange lp / cd)

16th August


michael head : ciao ciao bambino (limited signed hardback book)

 if you pre-order you can be sure of getting your hands on ltd editions & where available, you’ll also receive any bonus material (e.g. bonus discs, posters, stickers etc.)