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Eddie Piller & Dean Rudland present: Acid Jazz (Not Jazz)

various artists

acid jazz

limited lp - 1 per customer

Released: 25th Nov 2022


A compilation of the finest early ’90s underground club sounds presented by Eddie Piller and Dean Rudland.

As Acid Jazz began a period of extraordinary commercial success – Brand New Heavies and Jamiroquai selling millions of records – London’s club scene began to have a global influence. The compilation offers a snapshot of the kinds of records that were being played at the time, combining original Acid Jazz releases with sides from other labels that surrounded the scene. These records could fill a dance floor in seconds.

various artists

  1. Blacker – The Ballistic Brothers vs. Eccentric Afros
  2. Beads, Things & Flowers – Humble Souls
  3. Come On – Marden Hill
  4. Last Night Beats – The Subterraneans
  5. APB – A Man Called Adam
  6. Modal (Blue Train Dub) – The Quiet Boys
  7. Jazz Jupiter (Da Scat Mix) – A-Zel
  8. Everything Is Going To The Beat – Dhama B vs. Ace of Clubs